Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

This is going to be a really short post. I just want to give thanks to all my regular visitors and followers who have been so supportive of my writing endeavors in the blogging world. With that being said, I've been rather anxious to start blogging on things besides literature. I love this blog and I love its purpose, and that purpose is to create a place where my lit lovers can read and write on our common interest. Now with this blog beginning to flourish, I've now pretty much learned the ropes to blogging. Therefore, I am now starting a NEW blog. I will still be posting regularly on "Lit Lovers and Corset Laces" as I always have, but I will also be sharing a great deal of things on my new blog.

"Lit Lovers & Corset Laces" is devoted entirely to my interest in English lit. My new blog will encompass a GREAT deal of subjects. As I near the beginning of my junior year in high school, I wish to chronicle my experiences and preserve memories as well as express myself in the best way I know how. That way has always been writing, and so what better way to chronicle my growth than by blogging? For all of you who've enjoyed seeing my write, I fervently urge you to follow my new blog (accessible from my profile). It's the same "Bonnie" and the same satirical writing style, only now instead of expressing my opinions on literature alone, I will be writing life lessons, creating memories, and writing on all aspects of myself instead of only one.

Please check it out. As of now there's only one post, but I hope that you guys will continue to follow and visit me! The link is:

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