Friday, August 3, 2012

Anna Karenina 2012 Clip

Just thought I might share.

I, for one, am absolutely perplexed. First off, after a few minutes of deep deliberation and raiding my mind for any existing knowledge of the book, which I read two years ago, I still have yet to understand the purpose of the seemingly melodramatic fireworks/dance scene at the beginning. My first reaction when watching was, "Oh God, they turned Anna Karenina into a musical." Thank Heaven that seems not to be true.

Perhaps sharing my thoughts on the clip so soon after having watched it is not exactly the wisest thing to do. I'm still grappling with my thoughts. So, instead of attempting to write a post with any kind of dictional or syntactical dignity, I'll instead list the foremost thoughts in my mind. These thoughts might be random and none of them really take precedence over the other. They might be minute observations or argumentative opinions. At this point, however, they're really all I can give.

  • Kiera Knightley is miscast. I'm sorry, I just don't see Anna Karenina. She was much more suited to her role in Pride and Prejudice. Her performance in Atonement  was beyond reproach. Now, however, I'm almost tired of seeing her as Joe Wright's go-to girl. Was she cast because it was an expectation? Was she honestly the best woman for the role? I don't know. 
  • The clothes don't fit her right. Wasn't the latter half of the 19th century all about voluptuousness and curves? 
  • The firework/musical thing...ummm. ??? The jury is still deliberating on that one. 
  • Vronsky could be a hit or miss. I'm not quite sure yet. 
  • I do appreciate, however, that a director has finally decided to cast the leads remembering the age differences between the novel's characters. Karenin is much older than Anna, and Jude Law looks it thanks to a pretty stellar makeup job. Anna is older than Vronsky. You can detect these age differences much better than in other adaptions. Side note: Why does hollywood have such a problem dealing with the ages of the characters? Will Cathy and Heathcliff ever look like teenagers? Will Rochester ever be played by a 38 year old man alongside an 18 year old Jane? 
  • Jude Law is going to be amazing. In the midst of this discombobulating blur of a clip, he is the constant deliverer. I can see something fantastic coming from him, and it is that which has me ready to see just how this movie will turn out. 
  • I think every minute Jude wasn't in the clip was stale and slightly awkward. 

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