Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Grace's Jane Austen Literary Garden Party

Hello there, fellow bloggers! I'm incredibly sorry for my lengthy and mysterious absence. It's not so mysterious, really. I'm entering the back stretch of junior year, which means juggling my classes, preparing for ominously approaching AP exams, making the beginning arrangements for my first prom, etc. The list could go on. Happy February, by the way. I'll be turning seventeen on the twenty-eighth (which is just another thing to mark on my cluttered calendar).

I also have to express my condolences for my failed attempt at Jane Austen January. I didn't have any time to spare to make it really special. But, to make up for it, I have officially decided to participate in the Jane Austen Literary Garden Party courtesy of Grace's Garden Walk. Grace probably doesn't know it, but I'm an avid fan of her blog and I always stop by to see what surprises she has for her followers. I encourage all of my Lit Lovers to join the party!

The first step in participating is the introduction, which is why I have broken my extended silence. Grace has provided a lovely little questionnaire to break the ice. So here we go. :)

{one} let us start by your telling a little bit about your own self. tell us a bit of your personality. perhaps, tell a bit of your interests and pastime. 
My real name is Ari. I'm a resident of the US and an aspiring writer. I'm a high school junior with fervent hopes of pursuing a career in screenwriting after college. Literature, music, and art are the loves of my life. I have a slight (okay, maybe not so slight) obsession with Jane Eyre. I'm a typical dreamer who prefers to have her nose in a piece of fiction. My imagination is my greatest strength, which is why I find the most comfort in writing, reading, drawing, or playing my piano. I adore finding beauty in the simplest of things; crinkled pages of books, thoughtful photographs, splashes of color, quotes of literature, etc. 

{two} what literary character {whether it be in a film or book} would you say, most describes your personality and mannerisms? 
I wish I could say Jane Eyre, but I'm not very practical, nor do I believe I have her extraordinary willpower. I think I am perhaps more like Lucy from the Chronicles of Narnia series. On the exterior I might seem young and rather unassuming, but boldness, adventure, and the occasional glimpse of wisdom brims beneath the surface. Or perhaps Margaret Hale...

{three} what would you describe as the most lovely place to live in 1700's England? a cottage surrounded by woods or a mansion perhaps, to the same resemblance as Pemberley in Miss Austen's Pride and Prejudice.    
Pemberly (particularly the one in the '05 adaptation) has particular appeal to me, but I think I'd prefer Thornfield Hall. 

{four} list some of your favorite and least favorite literary works you have read. 
Favorites: Jane Eyre, North and South, To Kill a Mockingbird, the English Patient, the Chronicles of Narnia (every single one, though I believe the the first and last are my personal favorites).
Least Favorites: Emma, The Great Gatsby...

{five} what would you describe as a most admirable heroine? 
The most admirable heroine is a relatable one. A heroine is nothing without her flaws. She must learn from them, however, and truly progress and find herself.  

{six} if you could spend afternoon tea in the company of your favorite literary heroine, to whom would you spend it with? 
Despite the fact that Jane Eyre is my favorite, I would probably have to choose either Elizabeth Bennet or Margaret Hale. The conversation would be good. 

{seven} which is to your liking more :: tea or coffee?

{eight} which of Jane Austen's couples are your more fond of? 
Elizabeth and Darcy
Anne Eliot and Captain Wentworth
Colonel Brandon and Marianne Dashwood

{nine} what is one {a few} of your favorite literary quotes?  
I couldn't even begin to choose. But just because it's on my mind: 
"And it is you spirit--with will and energy, and virtue and purity--that I want, not alone this brittle frame." --Edward Rochester

 {ten} are you fond of dancing or singing or reading a good book?
I'm a horrible dancer, but the singing and reading sounds good.  

{eleven} and lastly, as this event is also hosted in celebration of my garden's second anniversary, would you mind explaining perhaps, how you stumbled upon my little plot of earth? 
Unfortunately, I don't really remember how I came across the blog. Most likely it was through a mutual follower. But, I can say that I was enamored with it from the moment I first saw it, and have been keeping a steady on it ever since. 


  1. I follow Grace's Garden Walk as well. I'll go check out the Jane Austen Garden Party right now! :^)

  2. By the way, I think you're an excellent blogger!

  3. Aw, you are so sweet! Your words really touched my heart! 'Tis so encouraging to hear that you are blessed by my garden walk. ;)

    'Twas a wonderful delight to read your answers and it always is a pleasure to have you as a guest in my garden! I hope that you enjoy the rest of the festivities, and happy early birthday! ;)

    Much love,
    tending her garden @ gracesgardenwalk.blogspot.com

  4. @Kate: Do that :) And thank you very much.

    @Grace: Thank you very much! I can't wait to see what you have planned for us.