Thursday, June 21, 2012

Anna Karenina 2012 Trailer Released

I love the moments when coincidental thoughts become reality.

Since the moment I first heard that Joe Wright (one of my favorite directors) was working on a new adaptation of Anna Karenina, I've been excited-- even despite the fact that I could never define my opinion on the novel. I was--and still am--however, certain that whatever novel Wright touches turns to cinematographic gold and is always a distinct pleasure to watch. The project was announced ages ago and I periodically checked up on it, always delighted to find the occasional new screen cap or newest update. 

For a while I let the film drift to the corners of my crowded mind until literally two days ago when I was pondering what I wanted to post for you guys. Anna Karenina came to mind for a fleeting second, reminding me that a trailer for the new film was just about due. Two days later, here it was. 

First thoughts? Once again, Kiera Knightley seems to be a physical miscast. But then again, she wasn't the ideal physical representation of Elizabeth Bennet or Sabina Spielrein either. The only movie in which I believe she was the perfect representation of the character was Atonement. However, as is usually the case with Miss Knightley, she does have the potential to alter my previous preconceptions of the character through her performance. 

The person that I'm really interested in is Jude Law. Just from the trailer alone, I can already feel a superb performance brimming over. Perhaps it's just the nip-tuck trailer job that makes Karenin seem more capable of receiving human sympathy, but I have a great notion that Jude Law will finally make Karenin seem like a true rival to Vronsky. Not a sexual rival--he was never meant to be that--nor even a romantic rival, but the kind of character that reminds us why Anna was so torn in the novel. I've seen countless adaptations of the book and no one has yet to do it. It's always been easier for filmmakers to characterize him as a cold and unsympathetic husband who pushes Anna out the door and makes it painfully clear to the audience why she entered an affair. I've personally always believe that there is more to Karenin than that. 

Vronsky...ehh. He seems ok. He's perhaps the most overrated romantic "hero" in literature, so I don't really like talking about him. 

The costume design will be perfect. The only thing left to wonder is if Dario Marianelli will find his way onto the soundtrack.

Oh, and I love Matthew McFadyen's mustache! (Don't act like you didn't notice it). 

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  1. This looks GORGEOUS, and I love the music. I agree that Jude Law looks fantastic in this (or in the trailer, at least). It actually took me a while to register the fact that it was even Jude Law I was seeing.

    And welcome back! It's good to see you blogging again :)

    1. Thank you very much, I'm glad to be back. And knowing Joe Wright, this is sure to be another visual masterpiece. I just see something special in Jude for this movie. I hope I'm not let down.