Saturday, March 17, 2012

Oh, so many things to catch up on...

I've been horribly busy. My apologies.

Most of the time, even when I am drowned by tests, homework, and life in general, I still have time to respond to your comments but I've really taken a break from the whole concept of blogger. It's not because I like neglecting you guys though, it's really because I know that if I come back then I'll be moved to write a post and use precious time that could be dedicated to the hideous and intimidating mountains of homework on my desk.

A review will be coming soon, don't worry. It'll actually be coming tomorrow. For now, I just want to take a deep breath and tell you that I've missed you guys and tomorrow I'll be writing another review of Jane Eyre 2011 in honor of its belated anniversary in the US. It doesn't seem like a big deal to you, but it is by far an important thing to me because this movie essentially brought me to blogging. In some ways, if I hadn't seen it then I might not be typing this post right now. After seeing the film I was so enthusiastic and teeming with things to say (and no one to say it to) that I came to Blogger. The review was one of my first posts. 

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