Friday, December 2, 2011

Darcy's December

As I lay my fingers on this keyboard to write to you once again, I can't help but utter a small and relaxing sigh of relief. This week has been a conundrum of English essays, Anatomy labs, art sketches, and US History outlines. I'm surprised I've made it through with as much sanity as I have. In the midst of this, however, I was thinking of what I might do to add a literary twist to the holidays on this blog. 

The idea wasn't hard to find. I'm reading Pride and Prejudice (again) as an extra credit book assignment, and it has reawakened my interest for the numerous spin-offs collecting dust on my shelves. There is a ridiculous amount of Pride and Prejudice spin-offs, but what's great is that many of them are enjoyable and completely unheard of. So I therefore deem this month Darcy December, as most of my reviews will probably be related to Jane Austen's books. Fear not, Bronte fans. I am not crossing over to the dark side (even though "Jane Austen" and "dark" is a complete juxtaposition). I am merely trying to spread the holiday spirit by suggesting books that have happy endings and handsome heroes. 

After all, this is partly your doing anyway. It was the majority of you who voted for Emma over The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. ;) 


  1. Haha! For Jane Eyre, I almost said something to my Jane Austen fans that I wasn't crossing over to the Bronte 'dark side'. ;P

    Good luck with Darcy December! I'll definitely try to check back. =)

    I wish I could read P&P for extra credit...:P

  2. I too read P&P while at school (and Jane's other five novels as well). That was a chore! ;)

    Looking forward to your Darcy December. I love him too, just a little bit less than Neddie.

    Livejournal verification is not working, hence the weird login.

  3. @Melody: It's true that Bronte is much more characteristic of the term "dark side". :P I'd love to see you back for Darcy December. I was actually wondering if you might be interested in doing a guest post since you're such a devoted Austen fan. :)

    @Robas: Oh, Robas. You and I have so much in common. :)

  4. Hmm! That's an interesting possibility! If I'm able to (depending on what/when), and you still want me to, I'd love to. What sort of thing were you thinking of?
    'Tis won't find many JA fans more devoted than I!

  5. I'm very loose with time frames and such. I'll post it the minute I get it, no matter what time. The subject is all up to you. It could be anything having to do with Austen-related books, movies, or anything of that sort. Most writers have their own little idea of what they want to do, so I don't want to get in the way of your vision. I'd admittedly prefer to have it by the end of December so I could (of course) fit it into Darcy December, but if it takes months I won't care at all. I'm pretty sure that you're a hardworking and busy student so I know how hard it is to find some time.

  6. Okay. I was just wondering whether or not it was supposed to be about Mr. Darcy specifically, and now I know.

    So, I'll let you know for sure later. I seem to have a LOT of writing projects going on right now (yikes!). One thing I was wondering though: would you mind if at some time I posted the same post on my blog, or did you want it to be only on yours? If I was going to I'd just save it for later sometime.

  7. "Yikes" is right. The end of the semester always opens the floodgates of papers and projects. Of course your posts can go on YOUR blog ha ha. Who would I be to restrict your writing to my site only?

  8. Haha, well, I was imagining more of preference than a restriction. ;-) Thanks.

  9. I'm sorry for not getting back with you until now! And even now I'm still not completely sure! But I have most of what could be a guest post written, it just needs to be gotten together. So, if I can do that before the 31st, you shall have one if you still want it. =)

    So, you want me to email it to you, right?

  10. No worries. :) And yup, email. A few people have said that they experience technical difficulties when they try to get my email address through my profile, so just in case the address is