Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Doodling in English Class

The school year always bring back old habits. 
I never draw during the summer for the simple reason that whenever I sit down with pencil and paper, I can never capture what it is that I want. I have to be in a place where my imagination roams unwillingly. 
My pictures are actually drawn in the classroom on a boring day when the teacher is talking too much. It is then that my mind comes up with the best images, followed by the best capturing of those images. 
Today it was Jane Eyre during fourth period AP English Language while my teacher went over Huckleberry Finn. I put pencil to paper and this is what came out. It's obviously not finished, but most likely it will be done during study hall tomorrow. 


  1. Very nice! I made an attempt at drawing Jane once, but it was one of those step-by-step instructional things - it was some lady at a ball but I changed the setting and face while keeping the poofy skirt. Nowhere near as a natural as you, though.

    I remember reading that you drew/painted. You should post up more lit-related drawings. I love illustrations of anything Austen or Bronte-related. Or any classic writer for that matter. I guess it's just the excitement of seeing the characters you love so much brought to life.

    When you're next in a boring class (and they're in abundance) you should do the scene where they fight over the money. Haha, I love that one. Oh! Or after the party when Rochester says "Good night, my -" and walks away. I die. every. time.

  2. Thank you very much! I do a LOT of lit-related drawings during those boring classes. The problem with most of them is that they often times remain unfinished because I move onto something else as soon as the next class starts. I save all my school notebooks from past years because most of the time I'm a lot more satisfied with my notebook paper doodles than I am with my "properly" drawn material. If I see anymore of note I'll definitely post them. I've drawn many pictures of the scenes you've described, but I've found that my favorite to capture is always the reunion scene.

    Oh, and I also captured the kiss from the "North and South" miniseries. I'll post that some time. Thank you for your comments!

  3. Nice drawing! I like doodling Jane too. I've enjoyed sifting through your posts (especially those having to do with Jane Eyre). Great blog you have going here! I'll definitely be following.



  4. Thank you very much! I'm glad you've taken a turn around the blog. I will most definitely be returning the visit.

  5. (sigh) yet, another Jane Eyre drawing :) I love how her face stays the same all the's almost imossible for me to draw the same person more than once.

  6. Ha ha yea, all my Janes do kind of look the same. I try to change them around sometimes and play with it, but I guess I just have this one image in my mind. As for Rochester, he ALWAYS changes because I never know exactly what to do with him.