Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jane Eyre: Reunion Scene

(Jane walks over the same bridge she walked over the minute before Rochester proposed to her. She stops and sees him, but the audience doesn't. Cut to: Jane is walking the same path that she and Rochester talked on . Rochester is under the tree that he proposed to her under. The tree has been struck by lightning and is now dead. The viewer now see's Rochester's transformation. He sits, staring off into space. His hair has grown out and he is unshaved. He wears no cravat. He sits restlessly on the edge of his seat, his hand on a cane. Pilot stands upon seeing Jane and whimpers.)

Rochester: Pilot!

(Pilot sits back down. Rochester now hears Jane walking towards him. He turns mechanically towards the sound and looks about him, though he cannot see. He is suspicious and wary.)

Rochester: Who's there?
(Jane doesn't answer. She ducks under the leaves of the tree and approaches him. He turns towards the sound and looks around as if trying to see who it is. Jane has taken off her bonnet. She now drops it to the ground and comes towards him. His hand is gripping the cane. She places her hand on top of his and he utters a quiet and sharp gasp, his hand immediately recognizing the touch. He slowly places his other hand on top of hers.)

Rochester: This hand...

(He feels her hand and mouths her name. Jane still has not said anything. She guides his hand to her face. His breath quickens as he makes contact with her skin. He strokes her face.)

Rochester: Jane Eyre...Jane Eyre.

(He is still unable to believe that she is really there with him.)

Jane: Edward, I am come back to you.

(Upon hearing her voice, Rochester immediately stands. His other hand travels to her face and he feels her still. He is speechless. He lays his face on hers. Jane smiles, her eyes filled with tears.)

Jane: Fairfax Rochester with nothing to say?

Rochester: (His voice is broken. He is repressing tears.) You are altogether human being Jane?

Jane: I conscientiously believe so.

(Rochester's eyes open at her response. She kisses him passionately and he holds her to him. He is overcome by their kiss and is still unable to believe what he hears and feels.)
Rochester: (softly)...A dream...

(Jane rests her head on his shoulder and holds him tightly. She smiles contently and is happy to be close to him again. His hand is stroking her hair, burying his face in it.)

Jane: (whispers gently) Awaken then...
(They stand still, her head still resting on his shoulder. Rochester is fighting hard to repress his tears. His body is shaking as he holds her and eyes blink away tears. He is finally roused to the conviction that Jane really has come back to him and that they are finally together. He heaves a large shaken and passionate sigh and his body relaxes against hers, finally sure that this is reality. They both close their eyes silently, still in each other's arms....the screen blacks out.)


  1. I'm so glad that you commented that these are up haha, I too have most of them memorized! Sometimes, when I'm in the car driving places I recite them trying to sound as much like the movie as possible, hahaha! I feel like such a weirdo but I know you understand! Ahh!

  2. Oh yea, I understand. I actually bought the soundtrack and put it on my ipod and every morning on my way to school, I play the song and recreate the scene that goes with it in my head. So what? People will probably think that we're crazy. But there's nothing better to be obsessed with than a book (or an adaption of a book lol).

  3. Wow, can't believe I've met TWO people who are exactly like me! I feel alot less crazy now :)

  4. @Anonymous: Never feel crazy. There's always someone out there who identifies. :) Welcome to Lit Lovers & Corset Laces.